8171 BISP New Payment Start from 15 August 2023

Welcome to the official portal for the 8161 program. The initiation of the 8171 BISP new payments is set to commence on August 15, 2023. While you might have participated in the dynamic survey, your eligibility confirmation is pending. In this article, I will guide you through the details of the beneficiaries of this new payment system.

Let’s start with the first key point. Individuals who took part in the dynamic survey and successfully met the criteria will begin receiving payment installments from August 15 onwards. The distribution of funds for all those who completed the dynamic survey will begin on that date.

Beginning the 8171 BISP New Payment System

To ensure the accuracy of the completed dynamic surveys before the payment initiation on August 15th, a comprehensive review is essential. This review process holds significance because individuals whose cards were previously blocked have now been unblocked.

If your card has been unblocked but a new card hasn’t been issued yet, please submit your ID card to 8171 by August 15th. This step is particularly crucial for those who are awaiting a new card. Meanwhile, individuals whose cards are available but were previously blocked will now start receiving funds.

8171 BISP New Payment Start
8171 BISP New Payment Start

This decision is based on the fact that a considerable number of individuals still have outstanding installments totaling 9,000.

Certainly, let me elucidate the procedure for verifying eligibility to receive a payment installment by August 15th. If you intend to register for this, the initial step involves sending your ID card to the number 8171. In case you haven’t previously completed the survey, you will receive a message specifying your designated survey date.

To verify your eligibility and apply by August 15th, follow these steps:

  1. Access Google search.
  2. Enter “8171.bisp.gov.pk” in the search bar.
  3. Locate and click on the official link.
  4. Upon reaching the 8171 web portal, click the relevant link.
  5. A website will open displaying “8171 Online Applications.” Click on this option.
  6. This will lead you to the online application form, where you can apply and verify your eligibility.

It’s imperative to visit the indicated office on that date to ensure an accurate survey process. While attending the survey, remember to carry your ID card. Additionally, if applicable, you can provide your child’s B-Form.

To finalize the registration process, ensure you have your identification card, along with your electricity and gas bills. If you desire to retain your current phone number, make sure you have it or carry your mobile phone. The information you provide should be accurate, meeting the eligibility criteria.

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