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The 9th Class Result students in Punjab are anxiously awaiting the release of their 2023 exam results. The set date for this highly anticipated event is August 22th, and the results will be disclosed at 10:00 AM. The students’ eagerness to discover how they fared in their 9th-grade exams is palpable. It’s noteworthy that all the Punjab Boards have coordinated their efforts to ensure that the 9th-grade results are unveiled simultaneously on the specified date and time.

The 9th Class Result 2023 holds immense importance in Pakistan. Numerous students participate in the annual Matric Part 1 and Part 2 examinations, each nurturing the hope of earning their Matriculation degree.

Result9th Class Result 2023
Result Date22 August 2023
Result Time10 AM
Total Students1110,000

Over time, driven by a growing population, Pakistan has witnessed the proliferation of educational boards, now totaling 27 in number. Each province in the country now boasts its own unique educational board, entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing student registrations and managing annual examinations.

9th Class Result 2023 Multan Board Check Now

These boards are primarily responsible for conducting the SSC Part 1 examinations and subsequently announcing the results. While the results for the 10th Class have already been made available, the eagerly awaited 9th Class results for the year 2023 are on the verge of being revealed. It is expected that these results will be officially unveiled in various cities during the month of August.

9th Class Result 2023 Date
9th Class Result 2023 Date

The official release date for the 9th class results in 2023 has been confirmed. All Punjab Boards are set to announce the results simultaneously on September 12, 2023, at 10:00 AM.

How to Check the 9th Class Result Online:

On the result day, a search bar will be available on the official website. Visit the website on the specified date to access your result. Detailed instructions for checking your results through various methods are provided below.

9th Class Result 2023 Punjab Board:

Students can be categorized into three groups: accomplished, moderate, and struggling. Accomplished students excel and set high standards for admissions to medical institutions. Moderate students achieve average marks and gain admission to colleges. Struggling students face academic challenges.

On the result day, updates regarding the SSC Part 1 Result 2023 will be provided.

If you encounter difficulties in result checking, an alternative method is available. If you’re struggling, consider using your name instead of your roll number to retrieve your results online. This option can be selected on the result page by entering your full name.

Various online methods are available for checking results. While the primary approach is through the official board website, technical issues may arise. In such cases, an educational website for 9th-grade students in Punjab offers an alternative.

9th Class Result 2023 Search By Name:

This method is the most convenient and straightforward way to check results. For students who have trouble with their roll numbers, this method provides flexibility.

  • Open Google Chrome on your device.
  • Visit Ehsaas8171portal.com and select your respective board.
  • Choose the name option instead of the roll number.
  • Enter the name of the student.
  • Click the search button.
  • The mark sheet will be displayed on your screen, and you can print the results if needed.
  • Additionally, some students may want to check the results for their entire class using an institute code or school code provided by their school or academy. They can also download the PDF gazette file containing all students’ results under the specific board.

SSC Part 1 Result By Name 2023:

For those new to checking results online, the process may seem confusing. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Search for your concerned board or simply “9th class result 2023” on the internet.
  • Open a relevant website and provide your roll number in the specified space.
  • Click the button to view your result.
  • For students without internet access, there’s the “9th Class Result 2023 Search By SMS” method. Send your roll number to the designated code of your board via SMS. Note that sending messages may incur charges, so use this method only when results are officially announced to avoid unnecessary costs.

Best of luck to all 9th-class students awaiting their results!

Check 9th Class Result by SMS 2023:

Checking results through SMS is one of the simplest ways to receive your result. Send a specific text to the designated number of your board, and you’ll receive a text message with your result. Here’s a list of SMS numbers for various boards to help you check your results through SMS.

BoardSMS Number
DG Khan800295

You can send your roll number to the corresponding SMS number for your board to receive your result via text message. This method is especially helpful for those who have limited internet access or prefer the convenience of receiving their result on their mobile phones.

Lahore Board 9th Class Result 2023

Students in Lahore eagerly awaiting their 9th Class Result 2023 can easily check it using their roll numbers. This provides a comprehensive mark sheet detailing their performance in the exams. Passing allows students to progress to the next year’s annual exams, and for those facing challenges, there’s an opportunity to reappear in the next year’s exams.

Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2023

The Faisalabad Board will announce the 9th Class Result 2023 on the same date as Lahore. To check results online, students need their roll numbers. If a student forgets their roll number, they can use their name to check the result. An SMS option is also available. Supplementary exams are offered for those who need to clear subjects.

Sargodha Board 9th Class Result 2023

The Sargodha Board is set to release the 9th Class Result 2023 in September. Students can check their results online or offline using their roll numbers.

Bahawalpur Board 9th Class Result 2023

The result announcement date for Bahawalpur Board is pending. Students can access their results online using their roll numbers once it’s officially released.

Gujranwala Board 9th Class Result 2023

The Gujranwala Board will announce the 9th class results in August or September. Results can be checked online using roll numbers or by entering the full name on the website.

Sahiwal Board 9th Class Result 2023

The 9th Class Result 2023 for the Sahiwal Board hasn’t been declared yet. It’s advisable to wait for the official announcement.

Multan Board 9th Class Result 2023

Multan Board will release the 9th Class Result 2023 in August. Students can check their results online using their roll numbers.

Rawalpindi Board 9th Class Result 2023

Rawalpindi students can check their 9th Class Result 2023 using their roll numbers online.

DG Khan Board 9th Class Result 2023

DG Khan Board’s 9th Class Result 2023 is expected in September. Results can be checked using roll numbers, names, institute codes, or through SMS.


What is the passing percentage for the 9th class of 2023?

In the year 2023, the minimum passing marks for the 9th class result are set at 33% in each subject. This indicates that students must achieve a minimum of 33% marks in each individual subject to successfully pass the 9th class examinations.

How can I check my 9th Result?

There are three methods to check your result

  • Online Search Bar
  • Through SMS
  • Through Gazette

What is the 9th class total marks?

It appears that you are referring to the passing criteria for the 9th class exams in the year 2022. In the context of the Punjab Board, the passing mark for the 9th class exams in 2022 was 182 out of 550, which translates to a passing percentage of 33%. This signifies that students needed to score at least 33% of the total marks (182 out of 550) in order to pass the 9th-class exams.

What is the date of the 9th result 2023?

The date of the 9th Class result 2023 is Announced by the officials and the result will be announced on 12 Spetember.

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