Onic Sim Price and Packages In Pakistan 2023

The introduction of Onic SIM card in Pakistan has caused a stir in the telecommunications industry. This new player is making waves with its promise of high-speed support and innovative features, potentially revolutionizing the market. With escalating package prices due to inflation, Onic’s entry offers hope for maintaining reasonable rates.

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Positive Reception:

The Pakistani populace has warmly embraced Onic’s rapid support, leading to its rapid popularity across the nation. As inflation continues and existing telecommunications providers increase their package prices, this newcomer has garnered significant attention and interest.

Transition to Onic:

The reduced rates for calls, SMS, and internet packages are luring customers away from their current providers, prompting many to make the switch to Onic’s services.

Onic SIM Price 2023:

NetworkOnic SIM
Standard NumberFree
GoldenRs. 4,500
PurpleRs. 600
PlatinumRs. 22,500

Onic SIM cards are available at an initial price of Rs 100, though certain retailers may sell them at Rs 150. Initially accessible in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi.

Variety of Plans: Onic offers a variety of SIM card options, each tailored to different user requirements:

  1. Standard Number: Provided at no cost when selecting any data plan.
  2. Golden Number: Available at Rs 4,500, offering easily memorable digits.
  3. Purple Number: Priced at Rs 600, striking a balance between memorability and simplicity.
  4. Platinum Number: An exclusive offering with a yet-to-be-disclosed price, promising a unique selection.

Purchasing Onic SIM in Pakistan: To purchase an Onic SIM card in Pakistan, follow these steps:

Onic Sim Price and Packages In Pakistan 2023
Onic Sim Price and Packages In Pakistan 2023

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  1. Visit the official Onic website (https://www.onic.pk/) and click “Order Now.”
  2. Choose the desired SIM card variant.
  3. Provide necessary personal details.
  4. Select a preferred delivery method: store pickup or home delivery.
  5. Complete payment using various methods like credit/debit cards, internet banking, or mobile wallets.
  6. Visit an authorized retailer to activate the SIM card, selecting a suitable package plan and providing valid ID proof.

Onic Packages in Pakistan: Onic offers a range of data packages, catering to diverse user needs:

  1. BIG DATA: 30GB for Rs. 890, unlimited network mins (FUP 5000 mins), 5,000 SMS, 30-day validity.
  2. EPIC DATA: 100GB for Rs. 1290, unlimited network mins (FUP 5000 mins), 10,000 SMS, 30-day validity.
  3. LIMITLESS DATA: 200GB for Rs. 1990, unlimited network mins (FUP 5000 mins), 10,000 SMS, 30-day validity.

Onic Packages:

Onic Sim code in Pakistan
Onic Sim code in Pakistan
  1. BIG DATA:
    • 30GB for Rs. 890
    • Unlimited network mins (FUP 5000 mins)
    • 5,000 SMS
    • 30-day validity
    • 100GB for Rs. 1290
    • Unlimited network mins (FUP 5000 mins)
    • 10,000 SMS
    • 30-day validity
    • 200GB for Rs. 1990
    • Unlimited network mins (FUP 5000 mins)
    • 10,000 SMS
    • 30-day validity

Other Provider (Example) Packages:

  1. Provider A:
    • 25GB for Rs. 900
    • Unlimited on-net mins, 1000 off-net mins
    • 3,000 SMS
    • 30-day validity
  2. Provider B:
    • 80GB for Rs. 1400
    • Unlimited network mins (FUP 4000 mins)
    • 8,000 SMS
    • 30-day validity
  3. Provider C:
    • 150GB for Rs. 1800
    • Unlimited on-net mins, 3000 off-net mins
    • 5,000 SMS
    • 30-day validity


  1. Data Packages:
    • Onic’s “BIG DATA” offers competitive pricing at Rs. 890 for 30GB.
    • Onic’s “EPIC DATA” provides a substantial 100GB for Rs. 1290.
    • Onic’s “LIMITLESS DATA” offers 200GB for Rs. 1990, catering to heavy data users.
  2. Call Minutes:
    • Onic’s packages come with unlimited network minutes with a fair usage policy (FUP) of 5000 minutes. This is comparable to other providers offering unlimited on-net minutes or a combination of on-net and off-net minutes.
  3. SMS Allowance:
    • Onic’s packages provide varying SMS allowances, with the highest being 10,000 SMS in the “EPIC DATA” and “LIMITLESS DATA” plans. Other providers generally offer between 3,000 to 8,000 SMS.
  4. Validity:
    • All packages from both Onic and other providers offer a 30-day validity period.


When comparing packages, it’s essential to consider factors beyond just data, minutes, and SMS. Network coverage, customer service quality, and additional perks like data rollover or entertainment bundles should also be considered when choosing a telecommunications provider.


Onic SIM card’s entry into the Pakistani market has sparked excitement due to its promise of affordability, speed, and versatile package options. As customers increasingly turn to this newcomer for its competitive offerings, the telecommunications landscape in Pakistan seems poised for a transformative shift.

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